Why use us?

What’s wrong with DIY website copy?

So why should you hire a professional copywriter to write your website copy? Why can’t you just do it yourself? After all, you know how to write. You are perfectly capable of typing. And you can use the spell checker to make sure the text is error-free.

But professionally written copy does much more than meets the eye…

Your website copy is your company’s voice

When customers and prospects read your website copy, it’s the next best thing to talking face to face. So it has to be easy to understand, free from jargon, and written in a tone and style that suits your audience, and reflects your brand.

Your website copy is your salesperson

Your website copy has to actively sell your products and services. Otherwise your site is just taking up space on the web.

Your website copy is a promotional tool

Your customers are searching for you online. Search engine optimised (SEO) website copy can help your site appear on the first page of search results for specific phrases, getting you more business.

Building a website without professional website copy is a lot like buying a new car without an engine. Sure, it looks great. But it’s not going to get you very far, at least not without a lot of huffing and puffing! Optimal Copy’s website copy is like a V8 for your shiny new website. It’s the engine that drives sales, and gets you the results you want.

So why use Optimal Copy, rather than another copywriter?

Because, unlike most copywriters, I really understand selling in the online world.

Most ‘general’ copywriters, whose backgrounds are in offline copy for brochures, advertisements and the like, will tell you they can write online copy. But do they really understand the differences between online and offline copy? Most of them don’t, or they simply don’t consider it their job. They’d rather leave search engine optimisation (SEO) up to the SEO experts.

Because I’m trained and experienced in online marketing and search engine optimisation, as well as traditional copywriting, I do understand the differences. That’s why I do my own keyword research, to determine which words to use to deliver you the most targeted web traffic. And I include important behind-the-scenes text and formatting in your web copy, that can massively affect your search engine rankings.

That’s why, when you choose Optimal Copy for your SEO copywriting, you’ll get probably the most comprehensive web copy service available in New Zealand.

And you have our ‘Two Thumbs Up’ guarantee

I’m so sure you’ll love my work, I guarantee it. And not just any guarantee. Everything written by Optimal Copy is covered by my unique ‘Two Thumbs Up’ guarantee.

That means if you don’t think the copy you receive is worth two thumbs up, then my work isn’t finished. I’m glad to say most of my clients love what I write, but occasionally there may be something you’re just not totally happy with. And in that case, I’ll keep working on it until you’re completely satisfied, at no extra cost.

* This guarantee is subject to Optimal Copy’s Terms of Business.