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I’ve got loads of satisfied clients across a huge range of industries – here are just a few of the things they’ve said about Optimal Copy. And of course, if you’d like to see some examples of my work, just ask me.

“an outstanding piece of work”

“Having engaged Optimal Copy to work with us on our marketing copy, it was clear from the start Helen was committed to delivering the highest level of results. From our first meeting she demonstrated an ability to clearly understand our business, the industry terminology and our goals and objectives, delivering a first-draft copy that was very near perfect.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Helen and Optimal Copy for all your copywriting needs. Helen has delivered high-end work that has met the original brief to the letter (no pun intended!). An outstanding piece of work at extremely competitive rates.”

Simon Denton, Forex Ltd.

“I don’t know what you did, but it worked!”

“I don’t know what you did to my website, but it worked! Last year we had a total of about 80 hits on the website. For the entire year. Since we changed the words to the ones that you wrote, we’ve had over 300 hits in one month!”

Mike Byrne
Signworx Signs & Design

“thoroughly impressed”

“I initially hired Helen to rewrite my company web copy. She professionally interviewed me to get a good feel for my aims and goals. She was upfront about her costs and gave me timeframes which she stuck to precisely. Once complete, I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of her work.

Her precision and accuracy, as well as her creativity lead me to engage her services again for a marketing brochure project I embarked on – again she delivered beyond expectation. Helen’s communication, professionalism and her high standards lead me to recommend her to others I know who require copy to be professionally written.”

Claire Reyneke, Bay Recruitment Ltd.

“The day after implementing the changes, I received my first booking”

“Last year I created a website for my new charter fishing business in the Bay Of Islands. Coming from the background of a trout-fishing business, I was aware of how important a website is, and of how important ranking high in Google is. I think having a pretty website with low search engine rankings is like having an expensive bright neon sign for your business, and putting it in your garage rather than on the street!

Because it was a new site and I knew it would take time to get the Google ranking up, I immediately started a Google Adwords campaign and started receiving hits immediately. But that was where it ended – I got the hits and got charged by Google, but for 3 weeks I never received a single enquiry. So I was faced with the reality that my pretty website was being seen, but was just not selling.

This is when I looked for a solution to that problem. I had a small awareness that there were tricks and techniques to actually sell a product in advertising, so I made enquiries and Helen was recommended by a friend of mine. The day after implementing the wording and layout changes to my site that Helen suggested I received my first booking. I also got Helen to do my rack cards and the result was a great first summer that had me so run off my feet I was limited by my own ability to work huge hours, and am in the process of hiring a second skipper for my second summer.

I fully recommend Helen to any business out there – and hope my competitors never come across this service!”

Andrew Blake, Anglers Anonymous

“fresh, original copy that connects with the reader”

“Helen has the rare quality of combining compelling words with the fundamentals of search engine optimisation.

This means that Helen consistently comes up with fresh, original copy that connects with the reader and attracts the spiders to get natural rankings up – a winning combination when it comes to increasing the bottom line.

She is also highly professional, from brief to delivery, and always a pleasure to work with.”

Mel Henson, Words That Sell

“Already showing higher page views”

“Helen and Optimal Copy came highly recommended to us by an associate. We needed to improve the look and visibility of our website to our target group.

My only reservation was not understanding exactly how Helen and Optimal Copy would be able to improve the website content we had created, but it did not take long for Helen to show us what was possible, with out decrying our efforts to date, and the potential benefits.

Helen’s professional approach and presentation, and her belief in herself and her products, made us decide to go ahead. Helen did not offer discounts, Helen offered results.

We feel we’ve gained a vastly improved, visually pleasing website, easier to navigate and already showing higher page views per click through.

I would recommend Optimal Copy without hesitation, because of their professional approach and the tangible results.”

Paul Davie, Cardrona Villas

“definitely adds value to our marketing”

“Helen was fantastic to deal with – quick, responsive, and superb play with words while connecting with your target audience.

Helen definitely adds value to our marketing documents from web site to brochures, exceeding our expectations.

We would highly recommend Helen to any business that is looking to grow and improve their business image.”

Mark McLeay, Creative Arch & Resolution Architecture

“You get what you ask for, and it’s cost effective.”

“I decided to try Optimal Copy, despite already having an offshore editor, and a Kiwi one, because I like to try new people. Especially when they are cost-effective, make sense, and one of my clients endorses or refers me.

I used Optimal Copy to edit a foreword and write a blurb for my new book. I got a bloody good overview of my book and rave reviews, and a foreword with zero grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. I also got straight and sound advice on how I sounded, and questioned on whether I wanted to sound like that.

I’d recommend Optimal Copy for their fast, no-muck-around service and good advice. You get what you ask for, and it’s cost effective. Why wouldn’t I?

I will be using you for my web site next because it is diabolical. Whilst I love my current editors they do not specialise in web copy which is what I need. Oh, and also I can’t be bothered with long winded, detailed explanations, and Optimal Copy ‘get it’. They tell me what to do, give me a choice, I choose and it gets done – that is what I expect of experts and that is why I hire them, to save me time and make me look good, while I can get on with my area of expertise. Easy.”

Andree ‘Curly’ James, Curly Communications

“As a result of the web page and ad campaign, we have sold out the workshop”

“We approached Optimal Copy because we felt we were not conveying the right message to prospects via our website. We also wanted to standardise the information on our site, and have it presented more professionally.

Our main concern was that the copywriter would not convey our information with the right emotional attachment to underpin the words being written. We needed someone to really understand our business and have an ability to translate that via the web site.

However, after meeting with you we felt comfortable that you had an understanding of what we are trying to achieve. You spent a lot of time at those first few meetings getting a feel for our business. We now have a plan in place to update the website in sync with other elements of our marketing plan.

The website now has a fresher look to it and the feedback we are getting is very positive. As a result of the updated Optimize Life – Future Leaders web page and associated advertising campaign we have sold out the workshop.

We have recommended Helen to others as we like to work with people we can trust to do a good job and provide value for money.”

Barry Larsen Optimize Performance Development Group

“With web development, you need people with specific skills”

“I had previously done the copywriting for one of my websites, but when I heard Helen speak at a BNI meeting about providing copywriting that would attract interest through search engines, I was keen to get some help on our next website.

Commissioning creative of any kind can turn out to be an expensive exercise, and when you are not sure of the value of a new project you can feel a bit hesitant about a big budget expense. I was also concerned with the new site, Grabaloan.co.nz, that the cost of copywriting, added to the cost of hosting, Google ads, and so on, could easily be lost if the site wasn’t a success.

However, Helen’s rate is very reasonable, and she always quoted the cost of each item separately as we went along.

I have also found that, with website development, you need to have people with specific skills for each element. For instance the person who builds the web site is not going to be an expert in copywriting, etc.

Since the web site is still underway, we don’t have any measurements as yet, but I am confident that Helen will follow up any issues we may have with hit rates etc.

Whether it’s a printed product or website, it costs the same to produce an item with effective selling copy as it does for one without. For smaller firms like ours we are conscious of our budget so its good to be able to have a resource like Helen to call on when we need.”

Ken Landeman, New Zealand Finance Ltd

“a fantastic investment”

“Being a copywriter myself it seemed a bit strange at first to get someone else to help write my marketing materials, but I was so busy with client work that it just wasn’t getting done!

It’s proven to be a fantastic investment as Helen has done a great job in telling my story: sometimes having that outside perspective makes all the difference. Writing about your own business can be really difficult, as you can’t see the wood for the trees. Helen is very quick to figure out the message, tone and target in her work.

Not only is Helen’s writing extremely compelling and reader-friendly, but she’s great to work with too. Helen is very prompt, efficient and professional – a real pleasure to work with. So much so that I’ve now engaged her to work alongside me on my client projects, and the feedback I’ve been getting from my clients is superb.”

Cornelia Luethi, FX Marketing

“Optimal Copy really care about what’s important to the customer”

“I originally approached Optimal Copy because I was impressed with Helen’s attitude to understanding what her customers want and getting it right. Of course, I did have reservations – I thought, “Why the heck can’t we just do this ourselves? After all, it’s just writing some words.”

However, after discussing this with Helen I appreciated that sometimes it’s good to take a step back, and have an expert in the field look at what we intend doing and suggesting a better way of doing it, or using her expertise to do what we want to achieve in a better way.

We were put on the right track for a mailout, and I am keen to use Optimal Copy for a website at some stage to see the improved results that I’m sure we will achieve.

I’d recommend Optimal Copy because they are efficient, great to deal with and really care about what’s important to the customer.”

Owen Grauman, Group Plus

“already receiving great rankings”

“Helen recently undertook the rewriting of copy for our website. Thanks Helen! You’re a trooper and have done a great job. I have been singing your praises to all my associates ever since.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with someone as efficient and competent as you. In a very competitive industry like ours, not only does your copy entice customers to read on and spend, but it is so effectively optimised for the search engines that it is already receiving great rankings even though we haven’t started promoting the site at all yet. Thank you very much for all the excellent help!”

Chris Lloyd-Parker
Boat Names Australia

“my website has a far more polished, professional feel”

“Having to pay for more changes to my website by my designers was initially a little off putting for me. However, as a result of using Optimal Copy, I’ve found my website has a far more polished and professional feel. Hopefully I’ll get better search engine results because of the new copy too.

One feature I particularly liked about the service was the fact you give free edits. I would definitely recommend you because of your friendly and helpful service. Great service, thanks!”

Chris Gorman
Chris Gorman Photography

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