Why do web developers ask this one crazy question?

When your business needs a new website, you’ll inevitably call on a web developer or designer to build it. Thankfully, most web developers have woken up to this, but surprisingly, there are still some out there who will ask you: “Would you like professionally written web copy for your site?”

Now to me, that’s pretty odd. It’s a bit like going to a car dealership, choosing a new car, and the dealer saying: “Excellent choice madam, would you like that with the engine, or without?”

Sure, without the engine, that new car is going to be a whole lot cheaper. It’s still going to look pretty hot sitting in your driveway too. And the odd person who stumbles past your house might say “Oooooh, isn’t that impressive”.

But the car with the engine… now that’s really going to take you places. You’re going to be noticed by hundreds, if not thousands more people as you drive around in your new car. It might cost more, but at the end of the day, what use is a car without an engine?

Professional web copy is a lot like that engine for your new car. Without it, your website might look impressive with its flashy design and pretty pictures, but it’s not going to take you very far. With it, on the other hand, your website is going to drive your business success.

So when you invest in a new website, don’t scrimp on the engine. Spend a little more, put the pedal to the metal, and smile as you leave your competitors for dust.

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